Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6

So today went fairly well-I ate a lot of stuff that I ate yesterday and got some veggies in, so that's good!


I had a cup of Cheerios with 1/2 cup skim milk and a large Hazelnut coffee from Dunkin Donuts with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas-YUM!


I took my brother to the park, and then we stopped at Chick-Fil-A and picked up lunch.  I got the Chicken Tortilla Soup and the Granola Yogurt Parfait (again!). SO SO SO GOOD!  I also had 1 chicken nugget :)


Around 4:30, I got really hungry, so I had a serving of Reduced-Fat Cheez-its.


My mom and I went to Willy's Mexicana Grill and I got a Chipotle-Barbecue Pork Burrito Bowl with a little bit of cheese, black beans, rice, onions, cucumber, pico de gallo, and a touch of sour cream. SO GOOD! I also had a couple of chips (maybe like 6 or 7) with some queso dip. DELISH!


I was really craving coffee, so I made a cup instead of buying one, and put 1/4 cup of milk and 2 splendas in it :)

Exercise: I helped put all the Christmas decorations away and I played with my brother at the park :)  It's not running or going to the gym, but it definitely burned calories :)

Pros: Yay for eating well and eating veggies! And YAY for sticking to my resolutions! 360 days to go :)

Cons: I need to keep track of my water and get myself running again!

Hoping for a better tomorrow!  My friend is coming to stay for a few days and I'm really excited!

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