Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29th

So today was my first day of classes this year-super exciting!  I only had two today, but I have 5 tomorrow, and I'm NOT looking forward to such a busy day haha

Breakfast:  I had 1 cup of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas, along with 1 cup of cheerios with 1/2 cup skim milk and 2 sliced strawberries.  The strawberries really made me more excited to eat breakfast, and I'm trying to use up all the produce this week so it doesn't go bad :)

Lunch:  I wasn't too hungry when I got back from class, so I had an Activa Light-Raspberry, which hit the spot :)

Snack:  After my workout with my roomie, we headed to Starbucks, and knowing that I had a late class tonight, I just stuck with a Tall Iced Skinny Hazelnut Latte-yumm! :)

Dinner:  My fabulous roommate made me dinner!  We had spaghetti with some ragu pasta sauce-simple, yet filling :)

Snack:  I've been realizing that I need to eat more food or I'm going to start losing muscle, so I had a 6 pack of Toasted Crackers with Peanut Butter, a piece of Raspberry Taffy, and a Granola Thin-Dark Chocolate. YUM :)

Exercise:  At the gym, I headed to an elliptical, and in 30 minutes, I managed to burn 500 calories-YAYYY! :)  I also did about 10 minutes of stretching, which felt so nice.  It's great to get back into the swing of things :)

Pros:  I'm happy I did so well food-wise, upped my water intake, and got a GREAT and fast workout in :)  I'm also happy that even though I saw my guy friend and wanted to talk to him, I didn't, because I figured I'd talk to him later :)

Cons:  So not anything about me today, but our room is turning out to be quite the repair-needed room.  Our kitchen sink drain is not working so we had to head down to my guy friend's room and have his roommate let us in so we could wash our dishes in their sink.  So glad we have the boys in our dorm though-they've come to our rescue MULTIPLE times in the last few days :)  In fact, while I was typing this, we had one of them come up and fix our AC because it started ticking.  So hopefully we get all of our issues fixed soon :)

Hoping for a great tomorrow! :)

August 28th

WOW! I can't believe I'm about to start semester 3 of (hopefully) 8!  College is going by CRAZY fast and I'm not quite pleased with that :)

Breakfast:  My roommate and I both woke up around 9 and made coffee with our new k-cup machine!  So I had 1 cup of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas-yayyy!

Snack:  So...I can't really count this as lunch, since I ate it around 4, but I had an Activa Light-Raspberry, that I picked up while grocery shopping last night.  For only 70 calories, I will DEFINITELY be having this more often!  I realized when I came up to my room while playing wii that I hadn't eaten, so I figured I should get a snack :)

Dinner:  My roommate, one of our friends, and I decided to order a pizza and watch the VMA pre-show together.  We got a Large Cheese Pizza and I only had one piece-HECK YES FOR MODERATION!   I also had some of the grapes I got yesterday, which made me feel better about dinner :)

Snack:  I had a Granola Thin-Dark Chocolate, which was super good! :)

Exercise:  Yeah, we played wii again :)  I don't know what it is, but my roommate and I planned to get ahead on readings and whatnot, and ended up in my guy friend's room, playing wii for HOURS.  Oh well...class hasn't started yet :)

Pros:  I'm glad I ate well, and didn't go crazy with the pizza.  I'm also happy I got to skype with one of my friends from home, which was SO SO SO much fun.  I hope she comes to visit soon!

Cons:  I really am itching to really exercise tomorrow!  I have my yoga mat and my gym bag sitting near the door, so that I can pick up my gym bag when I want to head over and my yoga mat for when I want to stretch and whatnot here :)

Hoping for a great tomorrow!

August 27th

So today went REALLY well, given how crazy and hectic it was! :)

Breakfast:  I woke up around 7 and unpacked even MORE of my stuff, almost forgetting to eat breakfast!  I then went to the Metro and met up with my dad and headed to my aunt's house.  I had 2 cups of coffee with a tiny bit of powdered creamer, which got rid of any chance of a caffeine headache :)

Lunch:  I guess you could call it lunch but my grandma made guacamole and had some super thin tortilla chips out, so I had three chips with a little guacamole, and that filled me up :)

Dinner:  My roommate and I made our first dinner in our kitchen-quesadillas!  We split one and it filled us both up.  We had 2 tortillas, 2 pieces of sliced cheese, and 2 tbsp. mild salsa! YUM  :)

Exercise:  I walked to around a bit today, which was good, but to do errands, not just exercise.  I also played wii in my guy friend's room, so I guess you could call that a bit of exercise too :)

Pros:  I'm SO glad I went to the Grocery Store today and got to see one of my friends who I haven't seen in a few months!  I went with her to the grocery store and picked up SO many good things: chicken breast, a bag of salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, strawberries, fat free milk, and more.  I'm glad that just because we were stocking up before the hurricane didn't mean I forgot about the good stuff! :)

Cons:  I can't wait to exercise again in a gym.  Our campus has a free gym, but with the hurricane stuff, I think I'm going to go Monday afternoon and see how I can incorporate my usual routine in with the things they have there :)

Hoping for a fabulous Sunday!  Also, no WI because I don't have a scale in my room, and I don't know if there's one in the gym.  When I go on Monday, I'll see what I can find :)

August 26th

So today was dad and I woke up at 4am to head back to school, and I knew that my eating wouldn't be fabulous, so I tried to do what I could, and I think it turned out fairly well :)

Breakfast:  We stopped around 9 to get some food and coffee (for me, the caffeine addict), so off to Waffle House we went :)  I got the Grilled Chicken Biscuit, eating the chicken, and half of the biscuit, along with another tiny piece of chicken that my dad gave me and a tomato slice-YUM.  With that, I had 1.5 cups of coffee with 1 half and half, and I was fine :)

Dinner:  I had a change of plans, which resulted in my eating some not so fabulous food, but it turned out okay :)  I was supposed to stay with my dad after moving my stuff into my room (not unpacking yet), but the elevator had been taking forever and I live a few floors up, so I left all my stuff in my guy friend's room who lives on the first floor.  I would have left after that, but my friend probably couldn't have left his room if I did, so I stayed in my dorm, and me, the guy friend, my roommate, and her parents got all my stuff up about an hour later in two trips-yay :)  So, I finally had dinner-a crepe from Crepeaway (my guy friend and I LOVE that place).  My crepe had tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, and pepperoni, and filled me up!  I also had 2 Thin Mints and half? of an Arnold Palmer Half-and-Half Pink Lemonade and Sweet Tea :) Not too bad :)

Exercise:  Moving all my stuff into my guy friend's room, and then up three floors, and THEN unpacking it all sure did count as a workout today!  I was getting super sweaty just bringing it all into his room, before even taking it all to my room haha

Pros:  I'm glad I didn't get super crazy with my eating, and got some water in :)  I'm also glad I definitely got some exercise in!

Cons:  I need to work on not giving into peer pressure, especially with eating.  I also REALLY need to go to the grocery store so we have more fresh foods! :)

Hoping for a great Saturday! :)

August 25th

Sorry for not posting for so long! It's been CRAZY getting back to school, catching up with everyone, and getting everything ready for the first day of classes-TODAY!! :)

So, I'm going to spend today catching up on all the posts since Thursday's (today), and going to class, doing homework, and all that other good stuff :)

WI was pretty great-I lost 1.1 lbs this week-bringing me down to 46.9 lbs lost! YAY! :)  I wanted to lose more, but I'm okay with where I am, and where I'm headed :)

Breakfast:  I had a Medium Northern Lite Raspberry Latte from Caribou Coffee, which was really good!

Lunch:  I had a late lunch and I headed to pick up Willy's (a burrito place) for me, my mom, and my dad.  I had a Sinaloa Chicken Salad with lettuce, pico de gallo, cucumbers, onions, some medium salsa, and about 1 tbsp of Chipotle Ranch dressing.  I only ate about 1/4 of my salad because it was spicy and I got full super fast.  I also had 6 chips with a little bit of queso on them-YUM! :)

Snacks:  After working an event with my mom, we headed to Menchie's to pick up some frozen yogurt, and I got pistachio with almonds, coconut, graham cracker crumbs, granola, and strawberries-YUM!!!

Exercise:  I didn't go to the gym or anything today, but I moved all the stuff I'm bringing to college downstairs and outside in about 15 minutes, by myself.  So I definitely worked on my arms there :)

Pros:  I'm glad I didn't get super out of control today food-wise, and I'm glad I got to go shopping with my mom and get some cute outfits.  NSV ALERT! I went to go try on skirts, and I'm used to getting the size 18 pants at the store, which were getting pretty small when I started this blog, so I picked up an 18 and a 16 and tried them on.  The 18 fit and was a little big, so I went to try on the 16 and it fit SO WELL!  I bought the 16 and a 14, which I didn't try on, which will either fit now, or very soon, and I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited! :)

Cons:  I wish I drank more water and ate better, but I'm not complaining :)

Stay tuned for Friday's post, which will probably be up after my class :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th

So today could have gone a LOT better, but it also could have been a LOT worse :)

Breakfast:  I had 1 cup of coffee with 2 splendas and 1/4 cup skim milk.  I really love my morning coffee-it makes me feel SO good :)

Lunch:  My mom, dad, and I went out for my final lunch (my friend and his dad are coming tomorrow, and I will probably be going to lunch with them), and I had a GREAT meal!  I had 1 cup of Miso Soup, 1 Side Salad with Miso dressing, some chicken teriyaki with steamed rice, 4 pieces of California Roll, 1 Shrimp Roll Piece and a Salmon Roll Piece.  SO GOOD! :)

Snack:  I had a Skinny Cow Package of Caramel Clusters. It was AMAZING, especially for 120 calories :)

Dinner:  Funny story, but I didn't have dinner.  Instead, I had a Luna Bar-Chocolate and Peppermint, before my workout :)

Exercise:  I went to the gym for half an hour, planning on going to run after.  However, it was too dark when I was done so I wasn't able to run. Oh well...

Pros:  I had SO much fun today-I got my hair cut, eyebrows done, and just felt like a girly girl.  It was nice :)  I also drank a LOT of water and got some exercise in, getting closer and closer to go off to college again.

Cons:  I wish I could have eaten better, but I'm also trying to finish all the food I bought earlier, so it's all good :)

Hoping for a great tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23rd

So today went pretty well, especially seeing as it's 10:45 pm right now and I feel like I'm on top of the world, but I'll go into that more in the pros section :)

Breakfast:  So, I woke up, and took my siblings to their schools, came back, and went to sleep until 11.  At some point between 11 and 12:30, I made myself 1 cup of coffee with 2 splendas and 1/4 cup skim milk-YUM :)

Lunch:  A friend and I went to Panera for lunch, which is one of my favorite places, because I know exactly what I can eat there and how many calories it is going to cost me.  I need to learn the calories for some places near my college so I'm not panicking every time we go somewhere :)  I got the You Pick 2-the Black Bean Soup and the BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad with no tortilla strips.  I love this combo, it's so good! :)

Snack:  After going to our Alma Mater and seeing some of our teachers, we went to Menchie's, a self-serve froyo place, and I got Pistachio with coconut, almonds, granola, graham cracker crumbs, cinnamon, and strawberries-YUM YUM YUM :)

Dinner:  My dad took my siblings and I to Subway and I got the Turkey and Ham Salad with Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, and Vinegar.  For 110 calories, that's the best bang for your buck right there!  I also got the Snapz Apple Chips, which were okay for 45 calories, but too sweet!

Exercise:  I knew I needed the exercise in, so I went to the gym and did strength training for an hour-I felt so strong, and didn't feel too good stomach wise after, but oh well :)

Pros: I'm SO glad I made some good food choices today, and even though I had a treat, I didn't mess up the rest of the day :)  I'm also happy I went to the gym and drank a LOT of water! :)  And for my latest NSV-my friend and I took pictures at the school, and we took some next to the school sign, and I posted them on facebook.  Another friend, my best friend at school in fact, commented on one, which was a full body shot, asking if I had "lost like, a ton of weight" because I "look really skinny!"  I felt SO happy after that, knowing that it's now so visible, and I REALLY can't wait to get back up to school and show people in person :)

Cons:  I really didn't have any today, it's just been a good day :)

Hoping for a great tomorrow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd

So today went pretty well.  I'm in my final countdown until I go back to school, and I have a few things I need to check off my to-do list before then.  I don't know how often I'll be posting, and when/if I'll be able to do WIs at school (I won't have the scale), but I'll do my best! :)

1 Cup of Cheerios with 1/2 cup skim milk and 1 cup of coffee with 2 splendas and 1/4 cup milk. Love my go-to breakfast! :)

I was driving to a nearby town to pick up some stuff, and it was around 11:30, so I brought along a snack, because I knew I would get hungry and didn't want to waste the leftovers I had :)  Yay for convenient Granola Thins-Dark Chocolate! :)  I bought a box to bring with me to school, along with TONS of other foods haha

Yay for leftovers!  I had the other half of my Margarita Grilled Chicken-YUM YUM YUM :)

My last Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar :(  I bought some more Luna Bars, but not that kind.  I hope they either have them in DC or I might have to order some online :)

I wasn't really that hungry, and I'm trying to eat the rest of the food I bought, so I had a Kroger Greek Vanilla Yogurt, with 1/2 tbsp honey added to it.  I wasn't a fan so I really needed something to add to it and make it edible-not getting this in the future!

I went to the park and ran for 10 minutes and walked for 30.  It was really nice!  I wanted to run longer, but the trail was SUPER long, and I wasn't sure how long it was.  Just looking now, each lap is approximately .33 miles, which means I did over a mile!  I'm going to try to slow jog it tomorrow and time myself so I can see how fast I can go!  But anyways, after the park, I headed to the gym, where I did 30 minutes of intense strength training, which felt great!

I drank lots of water, worked out, and ate pretty well!

I need to stop stressing out about everything coming together, especially when it always does :)

Hoping for a great tomorrow!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21st

Today was FABULOUS!  WI was GREAT!   I lost 4.0 pounds, broke my streak of "lose a lot, lose almost nothing, lose a lot, lose almost nothing", reached another goal, and am even CLOSER to Onederland! :)  I'm at 229.3, which means I've lost 45.8 pounds since I started! YAY :)

Breakfast:  I had a cup of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas.  Since I was going to meet a friend, I woke up late, and we were eating early lunch, I didn't eat in the morning :)

Lunch:  We went to Chili's and I had the Margarita Grilled Chicken and ate half of it.  I was so proud of myself for immediately dividing it in half, and slowly eating my half until I was full :)

Dinner:  We went to Ruby Tuesday's and I got the Veggie Trio with Salad Bar.  I got a salad with mixed greens, onions, mushrooms, peas, ham, and some balsamic, with a little bit of pasta salad on the side :)  Then, I ordered the Grilled Zucchini and 2 orders of the Spaghetti Squash, but I only ate the zucchini tonight :)  I also had a cheddar biscuit and a southwestern spring roll. YUM :)

Exercise:  I bowled for an hour, and then, when we went back to my friend's dorm, we decided to walk around campus, and did so for about half an hour.  It felt great to be able to just hang out and get some exercise too :)

Pros:  I'm SO happy about WI and even happier that my parents are as proud as I am :)  They were SO excited when I was really excited after WI, and I'm glad that it seems that people are really starting to notice.  I mean, losing 50 pounds in a little under 3 months is AMAZING, and I can't wait to see all my friends back at school this week! :)  I'm also happy that I drank a LOT of water today!

Cons:  I wish I could have gotten some more exercise, but I'm not complaining :)

Hoping for a FABULOUS tomorrow! (filled with leftover spaghetti squash and margarita grilled chicken!) :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20th

So today's been pretty good I guess-I was able to get everything off my to-do list for yesterday AND today! I'm hoping I can finish off the list tomorrow and have finished my first weekend list EVER! :)


I had 1 cup of Cheerios with 1/2 cup skim milk with 1 cup of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas-LOVE this breakfast :)

I had a Luna Bar-Nutz Over Chocolate-YUM YUM YUM! :)


I had 2 Hebrew's National 98% Fat Free Hot Dogs (40 Calories Each!) and an Activa-Vanilla & Cereal.  SO SO SO good :)  I also had about 1/4 cup of the TGI Fridays Simple Skillet-Chicken Pasta Carbonara with tomatoes, as I was making it for my siblings.


I found these in the cabinet-Blueberry and Cheesecake Sandwich Cookies.  I thought I'd love them, and I thought they were okay, but not my favorite, and not worth 160 calories for two cookies.  I learned my lesson I guess :)

Exercise:  I did 30 minutes of strength training at the gym.  I wanted to do some actual running outside today, but I was so busy doing other stuff and ran out of time.  Oh well, at least I got SOME exercise in :)

Pros:  Yay for eating well, and getting some exercise in, and heck yes for the to-do lists! :)

Cons:  I need to get more exercise time in AND drink more water!

Hoping for a GREAT tomorrow and a FABULOUS WI!  It'd be GREAT to hit my next goal, but I won't be upset if I don't :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19th

So today was pretty fabulous, if you discount me getting sick, but I'll talk about that later (expect it in the cons haha)

Breakfast: 1 Cup of Cheerios with 1/2 cup skim milk and 1 cup of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas. LOVE LOVE LOVE this breakfast! :)

Snack:  Around 1:45, I had a Luna Bar-Chocolate Dipped Coconut.  It was really good!  I need to pick these up before I leave next week!

Dinner:  I had 1/3 cup Organic Forbidden Rice-YUM!

Snack:  I had 1/2 cup Pomegranate-Raspberry Tart Froyo with granola, coconut, almonds, a sliced strawberry, some grapes, and a tiny bit of agave. LOVED IT!  I wish it was sorbet, but oh well :)

Exercise: Oh, I DEFINITELY got my exercise on today! :)  I went to the gym and did 45 minutes of strength training with 45 minutes of elliptical time in the middle. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO EXHAUSTING!  I looked at the time as I completed miles, and here's the results:
Mile 1- 10:36
Mile 2- 10:42
Mile 3- 11:03
Mile 4- 10:14

I'm shocked that my last mile was faster, but those aren't bad times for someone like me.  I'm honestly quite proud :)  I know I've been able to do 7:45 miles on the elliptical, and under 10 minutes per mile for 30 minutes, but I'm trying to extend my distance/time (45 minutes now), so I'm not upset :)

Pros:  Yay for eating good, YAY for the intense exercising, and yay for drinking loads of water!

Cons:  Nay for not feeling well!  In my last few minutes on the elliptical, I thought I was going to need a trash can (I know, TMI), but that feeling went away.  However, after I ate the Luna Bar, my stomach felt HORRIBLE, so I've been taking it easy and eating little bits of food at a time to see if it was just too intense of a workout or if I'm getting sick :(

Hoping for a better tomorrow! :)

August 18th

So today was pretty good-nothing to really complain about :)

Breakfast:  A Caribou Coffee Medium Northern Lite Caramel Latte. Phew-that takes a LONG time to write out!  But it was good-a little too sweet, but good nonetheless :)

Lunch:  Wendy's 1/2 Baja Salad with no Tortilla Strips or Dressing.  I don't understand how people need dressing for this, because the chili on top is totally fine.  Of course, I do LOVE my salsa as a dressing, not sure if everyone else does too... :)

Snack: I had a Pure Chocolate Brownie Bar.  I had high expectations for it, and I guess it was alright, but I love my Luna Bars more :)

Dinner:  I took my siblings to Chick-Fil-A and I got the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with the Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce. YUM!  I also had 1 of my brother's chicken nuggets, which was okay, but I like my sandwich more :)

Snacks:  We went to a froyo place and I got Mango Sorbet with coconut, granola, sliced almonds, graham cracker crumbs, and cinnamon-YUM!  I also had 1/2 a cup of skim milk later on :)

Exercise: Not today, because I was so busy, but I'll definitely be there tomorrow! :)

Pros:  Yay for eating when I was hungry, not just because, and yay for drinking LOTS of water :)

Cons: I need to get to the gym and get some exercise in, especially because I LOVE how I feel after working out :)

Hoping for a better tomorrow!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 17th

So, today wasn't the best day food-wise, but I think it all evens out :)

Breakfast:  I had a Nature's Own Sandwich Thin with 1 tbsp. 1/3 Less Fat Strawberry Cream Cheese and 1 cup of Coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas.

Lunch:  Then lunch happened.  A couple of friends and I went to Houlihan's for lunch.  All was good-I knew what I was going to eat (1 cup of Chicken Tortilla Soup and the Tuscan Salad), and then my friend said we should order dessert (a thing we always do whenever we grab food together).  So, per her request, we got the donuts, and I ate three of them.  Oh, if I had known the calories in each of those, I may have said no to even 1, but I didn't go over my calories for the day, and I wasn't hungry for anything else for the rest of the day, so it wasn't TOOO bad.

Exercise:  I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of Strength Training (I definitely felt the burn today!) and 45 minutes on the elliptical.  I was EXHAUSTED and SO SO SO sweaty after!  But it felt fabulous! :)

Pros:  I'm glad I drank lots of water and did tons of exercise.  It felt great! :)

Cons:  I need to work on improving my choices when I eat out, but other than that, I think it was a pretty good day.

Hoping for a fabulous tomorrow! :)

August 16th

So, I've totally been out of the loop with everything these last couple days.  Any free time I have is usually spent at the gym working out, or getting ready to head back to college next week!

Anyways, so today was pretty good. I was quite pleased :)

Breakfast: I had a Medium Northern Lite Caramel Latte from Caribou Coffee with a Luna Bar-Toasted Nuts & Cranberry.  I thought it was definitely strong on the Caramel, but it's the same calorie cost as a Starbucks Grande Skinny Hazelnut Latte, so it wasn't too bad.

Lunch: I wanted to make yellow squash fries, but that sorta failed, so I made roasted squash in the oven, which was SO good :)  I also had 10 Falafel Chips with 2 tbsp. Mild Green Mountain Gringo Salsa and 2 tbsp. Whole Foods Black Bean Hummus. SO SO SO good! :)

Snack:  We went to a self-serve frozen yogurt place and I got half a cup of pink lemonade sorbet with some sliced almonds, graham cracker crumbs, coconut, some granola, and some cinnamon :)  It was really good!  I later had a Luna Protein Bar-Chocolate Cherry Almond a few hours later, and that was really good :)

Exercise:  I ran to the gym and had 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes on the elliptical-great workout :)

Pros:  I'm glad I ate really well today, drank lots of water, and got to the gym today :)

Cons: I don't really have any cons for today, it was just a really good day :)

Hoping for a great tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15th

So I went to sleep SUPER early last night and forgot to post!  I really need to work on remembering to post :)

But anyways, yesterday could have gone better, but it certainly could have been worse.  I feel like I'm getting into a snacking phase instead of actually getting in meals, which isn't good :/

Breakfast:  I had a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks and a Luna Bar-Toasted Nuts and Cranberry.  That Luna Bar is a GREAT breakfast choice for me, because it doesn't have chocolate in it :)

Snack: I had a Luna Protein Bar-Cookie Dough, for the first time today.  While I liked it, I think it was SUPER sweet, and I'll only get it on special occasions.

Lunch:  I had Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, which was SO good.  I had a couple bites of my sister's pasta too, but not too much.  It was a bit too salty and fattening, and I wasn't a fan.

Snack: I had a small container of grapes from Whole Foods and a Luna Protein Bar-Chocolate Peanut Butter.  This held me over until my late dinner.  It worked well :)

Dinner:  I had about 10 baby shrimp with some linguini and roasted mixed vegetables-SO GOOD :)

Exercise:  I was so busy and didn't have time today-I'll definitely have to work out tomorrow! I know it makes me feel better when I do, and horrible when I don't have time, so the motivation's there, but the time is not.

Pros: Yay for doing fairly well eating wise, and drinking some water.

Cons: Nay for not exercising, and I need to drink a LOT more water :)

Hoping for a better tomorrow! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 14th

Sorry about totally forgetting to post yesterday!  I went out with a friend and got back SUPER late!  But it's my blog, so it's totally okay :)

Yesterday's WI was FABULOUS!!!  I lost 7.5 pounds, totally demolished my goal, got a reward, and am 3.3 pounds away from my next one-YAY!  Hopefully I can keep it up next week, because then I'll definitely hit 50 pounds lost in three months, which would be amazing! :)

Breakfast:  I had a Grilled Chicken Biscuit at Waffle House with a cup of coffee, and a thing of half-and-half.  Not the best, but it worked :)

Snack:  I didn't eat lunch because we ate breakfast late, so I had a Fage-Cherry Pomegranate :) YUM!

Dinner:  I went to Whole Foods with my friend and got a little bit of curry chicken, some chicken salad with grapes, and some vinegar chicken.  I got a salad too but it fell out of the container :(  We also went to Yogli Mogli (a self-serve froyo place) and I got kiwi strawberry sorbet, which was SO good.  Along with an Arnold Palmer (or 1/2 a cup), I was set :)

Exercise:  Didn't get the chance to workout today, but I definitely will tomorrow!

Pros:  I had fun with my friend, had a FABULOUS WI, and didn't go too crazy with my food :)

Cons:  I need to get to the gym and drink more water!

Hoping for a better tomorrow!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 13th

Yay! Finally caught up on all my posts! Hopefully my pictures work tomorrow! I haven't tested it recently, so here's to hoping it fixed itself! :)

Anyways, today was probably one of the greatest days I've had in a long time :) I drove out to see one of my friends that I'll see in like two weeks, but decided to hang out with today anyways :) So I drove down there, got lost, had to have him come 'rescue' me, and take me back to his house, where we hung out for a bit, and then headed to the mall in a nearby town for HOURS, before driving back through his town, with him showing me everything. I know it probably sounds super lame, but it was just so much fun, especially because it was such a quaint little town :) I can't wait to go back!

Breakfast: Because I went to the gym super early, I only had 1 cup of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas.

Lunch: We ate mall food, and I had Bourbon Chicken and Steamed Broccoli. I ate all of the broccoli (about a cup), and then approximately 1 cup of Bourbon Chicken and left the rest. So filling!

Dinner: My brother and I went to Chick-Fil-A and I got the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich-delish!

Snacks: I had 1 tbsp of the 1/3 less fat Strawberry Cream Cheese (I wanted it, but not the carbs), and 1 Luna Bar-Chocolate Dipped Coconut.

Exercise: I did 20 minutes of strength training and 25 minutes on the elliptical-SO EXHAUSTING!

Pros: I'm happy I exercised today, ate well, drank water, and got to see my friend, who made my day fantabulous! :)

Cons: Honestly, nothing. I have no regrets today :)

Hoping for a GREAT WI tomorrow! Here's to hoping I'm under 240, and maybe even 235 :)

August 12th

So today went fairly well. It was my last day of work, so it was kind of sad, but also fun at the same time.

Breakfast: I had my 1 cup coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas and then we went to IHOP, where I had the Simple & Fit Waffles with Strawberries and Banana, with eggs from egg substitute and turkey bacon for under 400 calories-yay!

Snack: In the afternoon, I happened to have 1 tablespoon of vanilla frosting (estimating because I ate some off my fingers when we were done) and a Luna Bar-Chocolate Chunk. I'm not a fan of this bar, so I don't think I'll buy them again.

Dinner: Some family friends invited us over, and they ordered pizza, so I had 1 piece of cheese pizza and 1 piece of pepperoni, and it definitely filled me up :) I later had 1/2 a homemade rice krispie treat, which was good :)

Exercise: I went straight from babysitting to the family friend's house, and then to the grocery store after, and the gym was closed by then. I'll have to work on that tomorrow.

Pros: Yay for not going overboard today and drinking lots of water!

Cons: I really need to work on going to the gym tomorrow, and I'll work on that :)

August 11th

Okay so this day could have gone a LOT better, and it's not perfect, but it went fairly well.

Breakfast: I had a Pure Apple Cinnamon Bar and 1 cup of coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas. I wasn't a huge fan of this bar (I'm partial to my Luna Bars), but it was pretty good I guess. I hope the Chocolate Brownie one's better! :)

Snack: I had 24 Special K Multi-Grain Crackers and 1 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge-Garlic & Herb. I really missed making this snack. It's so good! I also had a tablespoon of the Honey Roasted Peanut Butter from Whole Foods. So Good!

Dinner: I was kind of snacking throughout the day, so the Chicken Tikki Marsala was eaten periodically. I had about 200 grams of the Chicken Tikki Marsala, 1 oz ham, and 1 tbsp spicy brown mustard.

Snack: I had a Luna Bar-Chocolate Dipped Coconut, and a Granola Thin-Dark Chocolate.

Exercise: I didn't exercise today, because I ran out of time to do so.

Pros: Yay for not going overboard and eating fairly good food.

Cons: Nay for not exercising, not eating awesomely, and not drinking lots of water. Hopefully I'll get to work on this tomorrow :)

August 10th

So today went fairly well, even with some changes in my schedule. I feel like I was really flexible regardless, and that's the important part :)

Breakfast: I had a Luna Bar-Toasted Nuts & Cranberry and 1 Cup of Coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk and 2 splendas. I'm definitely going to have to pick up a lot more of these bars, because they're so good!

Snack: Today was my first time trying Chobani Greek yogurt, and I went for the honey one, and to be honest, I wasn't a huge fan. I thought it didn't have any honey in it and was quite bitter, so I added a little cinnamon and 2 splendas, and I could eat it. I'm going to try the Raspberry one, but if that's not good, I don't think I'll get any more.

Lunch: We unexpectedly went to Jersey Mike's for lunch and I got the #7 Sub in a Tub. I really like this because you can nix the bread, which I didn't want anyways, so I saved over 200 calories-YAY! I added lettuce, tomato, onion, and some brown mustard-SO SO SO good :)

Snack: I tried Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, after seeing it on so many other blogs, and I have to agree, it was SO good! I REALLY have to get more of these packets, and they're SO convenient!

Snack: I had a Nonfat Latte around 10 from a local coffee shop, and it was SO good!

Exercise: I was at the pool so I tread water for 30 minutes, my record so far! :)

Pros: I got to have a REALLY good latte made by a friend of mine, I got to catch up with a friend from school, I broke my record for treading water, and I did fine with lunch.

Cons: I wish I could have had more water, but other than that, I don't regret anything.

Hoping for a better tomorrow :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 9th

Okay, so sorry for not posting these last couple of days. I've been trying to put photos up but Blogger isn't one of my best friends right now and is refusing to post them. Finally, I've given up with pictures for now.

Breakfast: I had a Luna Bar-Toasted Nuts & Cranberry and 1 cup of coffee with 2 splendas and 1/4 cup skim milk-so good :)

Snack: 1 Fage Cherry Pomegranate, which was SO SO SO good! I love these so much!

Lunch: Because we went to the movies, I decided to eat some of my food during the movie, aka lunch :) I had 10 Falafel Chips with 2 tbsp Black Bean Hummus (from Whole Foods), and 100 grams of grapes.

Snack: I later had 1 Cherry Nutri-Grain bar because I was hungry :)

Dinner/Late Snack: I had 4 tbsp. Honey Roasted Peanut Butter (from Whole Foods) and 1 oz. of Dill New Potatoes from Boston Market-yum!

Exercise: I went to the gym for 45 minutes, and did 35 minutes of strength training and 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Pros: I drank 15 cups of water and didn't overeat.

Cons: I really need to control myself on overdoing it with foods, especially the peanut butter.

Hoping for a better tomorrow :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th

So I took all my pictures today, but I'm SO exhausted and am too tired to load up the pictures :( I'll put tomorrow's up tomorrow though!

Breakfast: No Nutri-Grain bars, but I had packed a Luna Bar in case-Toasted Nuts and Cranberry. DELISH! I also had my 1 cup coffee with 1/4 cup milk and 2 splendas. GOOD BREAKFAST :)

Snack: I had a snack-size bag of grapes. I LOVE fruit :)

Lunch: 1 baby bok choy, 5 mushrooms, some basil, and lime juice = 1 delicious lunch :)

Snack: 10 Falafel Chips and 2 tbsp. Black Bean Hummus. BEST SNACK EVER.

Dinner: 1.5 cups of mixed greens, 2 tbsp. pico de gallo, 3 mushrooms, and 1/4 cucumber. The pico was a bit spicy, but it was good

Snacks: I had 2 tbsp of Whole Foods's freshly ground honey peanut butter and it was AMAZING! I also had this strawberry and cream filled chocolate ball, or 1/3 of it, and it was good. It's from the Brazilian Bakery nearby so I knew I'd love it :)

Exercise: Didn't get to go to the gym today, but I treaded water for 15 minutes at the pool today-EXHAUSTING.

Pros: Yay for 15 cups of water, yay for good eating, yay for not eating meat, and yay for 15 minutes of treading water!

Cons: I'm not happy about not getting to workout but I'll hopefully be able to tomorrow :)

August 7th

So today was good and bad. Weigh-in kinda stunk. I literally didn't lose or gain weight :( I know I'm going to have to work SUPER hard these next three weeks to lose 15.8 pounds, but I think I'm up to the challenge! :)


I didn't eat until after church, but I had my usual coffee and 10 Falafel Chips with Whole Foods's Black Bean hummus-AMAZING!

Snack (post-workout):

Pretty Good, but it tasted like a granola bar


We went to Ruby Tuesday's, and I decided to start out with the salad bar-pretty good choices here, minus the little bit of pasta :)
Mixed Greens with onions, peas, mushrooms, ham, eggs, and some balsamic dressing.

I also got the veggie trio and got the roasted spaghetti squash, tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, and roasted zucchini squash-SO GOOD :)

After dinner, we went to a Brazilian Bakery and picked up these cheese rolls, which are REALLY good :)

Exercise: I did another hour of circuits today, which were still SO exhausting!

Pros: Yay for eating better and yay for drinking lots of water again (16 cups)!

Cons: Nay for no weight change. Hopefully that changes next week! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6th

Hey! So I took most of the pictures of my food today, and some others :)
For a very busy day, and unexpected too, I'm glad I got so much accomplished! :)


Mom and I were headed to an all day training (I was subbing for someone else, and I didn't know that until 7am this morning). So, I picked up a Luna Bar and some Coffee and was ready to go :)

Only picture I forgot to take. I had 3 'Savannah Dreams' Girl Scout Cookies. I haven't seen them in YEARS so I had to have a couple :)


At the all day meeting, we had a working lunch. I got a Turkey Sandwich with no cheese, 1 pickle spear, and 2 cookies (1 chocolate chip and 1 sugar). My blood sugar was getting really low and I was getting a headache so I ate both cookies.


I went to Whole Foods, and finally realized I never had dinner. So I made myself a container. Lettuce, cucumber, corn, black beans, onions, chicken with balsamic vinegar, some pork carnitas, and some pasta. SO GOOD!


(10 reps x4)

(30 x4)

(10 reps x4)

(15 reps x4)

(40 reps x4-mountain climbers)

An hour long workout, with much more, but that was the circuit I did, FOUR times. My knees are KILLING me with all the squats I did :)

Pros: I got all my water drinking in, ate some good food, and did a GREAT workout.

Cons: That all day meeting was so boring, and I probably shouldn't have eaten the cookies. Oh well...

Hoping for a GREAT weigh in tomorrow! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5th

So, now I'm partly back on track :) I had pictures at the beginning, but unfortunately my phone's battery was too low to take pictures, so I just went on myfitnesspal and added the rest :)


That's it :) I woke up at 10:30 and decided to just have coffee and wait until lunch.


Probably one of the GREATEST lunches EVER :) I went to Ulta and Whole Foods, and instead of shopping at Whole Foods, like a normal person, I went in for the food bar :) I got a salad with some shredded carrots, onions, cucumbers, a tiny bit of cheese, some corn, 1/4 cup grilled chicken, and 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar. With that, I got 1/4 cup tuna salad, 1/4 cup oil-free mushroom salad?, 1/4 cup white bean and spinach salad (VERY bland), and 1/4 cup pork carnitas. If I had to change anything, I'd take out the mushroom salad and white bean and spinach salad, and maybe have chicken or pork. I may go back tomorrow for the lunch after actually shopping there :)


We went to a Thai place, and there weren't many options, so I got Chicken Pad Thai, and only ate a little less than half of it. It was pretty good. I also had half of a Shrimp Spring Roll, which wasn't my favorite.

We went to Menchie's, and they didn't have any good sorbets this time :( I LOVE the Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet, and the Guavalime/Key Lime weren't terrific. So I got Raspberry Fro-Yo, which wasn't the same, with a little bit of almonds, coconut, granola, graham cracker crumbs, and cinnamon. yum!

Snacks: I later had 1 cup of Arnold Palmer's Half-and-Half Sweet Tea and Pink Lemonade to get it out of the fridge.

Exercise: I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of some hardcore strength training, and of course, on the hardest day, I forget my water bottle. Fail. But I made 6 stations. 1 was upper body, then squats with both hands on the kettleball, then mountain climbers, then the whole arm pull (basically you get at an angle and pull yourself up and down, squats with one hand on the kettleball, and finishing with the jumprope. I was EXHAUSTED after this, but then headed to the machines to get in another 10 minutes. I felt SO sweaty after. I also learned that my gym's open on Sundays (it doesn't say it anywhere, you just have to know, or in my case, see that a movie's playing in the treadmill theatre on Sunday and ask the trainer at the desk). I can't WAIT to go on Sundays but I'm bummed I've been missing out all this time.

Pros: Yay for drinking water and not going overboard. Yay for discovering extra time I can spend at the gym. Yay for getting closer to being at 225 in 3 weeks. That's 5 pounds a week. If I put my mind to it, I can do it, or at least, it doesn't hurt to try. Either way, I'll be closer to onederland :)

Cons: At dinner I was feeling scared that I was getting back into old patterns, which I usually don't feel. I think I'm just not going to go out this coming week, and see if it's just me worried about everything period, or going out to dinner. We'll see, I guess.

Hoping for a great tomorrow! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4th

Hey! I'm back! :) Vacation was great, but it's SO nice to be home! Though, I did get SUPER tan, and I'm all refreshed for these last three weeks. It's go time! :)

I would have pictures for you, but it's 11:30, and I'm pretty exhausted. I'll post some tomorrow though :)

Breakfast: 1 cup of Cheerios with 1/2 cup skim milk and 1 cup of coffee with 2 splendas and 1/4 cup skim milk. I love this breakfast because it's so easy and so good :)

Snack: I had a Fage 0% Cherry Pomegranate yogurt. I'm so glad I didn't stir it this time and it was SO much better as a result :)

Lunch: 4 Pieces of BBQ Chicken Breast (from the Grocery store deli). I wasn't really hungry so that was fine :)

Snack: 10 Apple Slices-my favorite snack :)

Dinner: I had 1 Everything Bagel Thin with 2 tbsp 1/3 less fat Strawberry Cream Cheese on it-yum! With that, I made an omelet using 1/4 cup egg beaters, 1.5 oz ham, a tiny bit of cheese, and some spices. It was AMAZING! I should have just made them scrambled eggs and put them between the bagel :)

Snack: I had 11 TJ's Gorgonzola Crackers and 1 Granola Thin. I really need to pick up some more of TJ's Organic Hummus with my crackers. It completes the snack :)

Exercise: Sadly I didn't go today :( I wanted to, but other things got in the way. Luckily I have a day off tomorrow so I'm planning to get in a 2 hour gym session (or 2 sessions) if possible :)

Pros: I'm glad I ate some good foods, and I like being able to use the motivation that I'm getting closer to 'one'derland. I'm around 40 pounds away, and that makes me feel really good! :)

Cons: I drank quite a bit of water today, but I definitely need to drink more!

Hoping for a better tomorrow! :)

August 3rd

So now begins the pictures again-yayy! :)


Fiber One's 80 Calorie Honey Squares Cereal with 1 cup of coffee with 2 splendas and 1 tbsp creamer (we're apparently out of milk). I got the cereal in a giveaway, and I like it, but I feel like it may be TOO sweet, I'm not sure. Oh well :)

Chipotle Chicken Salad Bowl with a little bit of rice, little bit of cheese, and pico de gallo. YUM!


Yes, I had an Everything Bagel Thin with 2 tbsp 1/3 less fat Strawberry cream cheese-just what I wanted :) I also had 2 oz. of Barbecue Chicken Breast from the grocery store-YUM!


(Post-Workout) I also had 11 TJ's Gorgonzola Crackers and a Granola Thin (not post-workout)

Exercise: I got into the gym today! YAY :) I did 30 minutes of hardcore strength training, which felt AMAZING! :)

Pros: I'm SO glad I got into the gym today, and ate some delicious foods! :) I think the fried food was starting to get to my system because I wasn't feeling terrific some of the days on vacation :/

Cons: I should have gotten longer of a workout in, and consumed more water, but I can't complain :)

Hoping for a great tomorrow! :)

August 2nd

So today was pretty sad. I drove home today, and had to say goodbye. It was SO much fun though, and I'm glad I was able to go! :)

Breakfast: We went to Golden Griddle for breakfast and I had the Banana Pancakes (AMAZING!) with 1/4 cup of grits and water. YUM YUM YUM! :)

Dinner: I ate around 4:30, and we had Vegan Stir Fry (about a cup), with a little bit of Basmati Brown Rice-pretty good :)

Snacks: I had a Granola Thin-Dark Chocolate, which I love because they're only 80 calories and they're a perfect amount of sweetness :)

Exercise: I didn't exercise today, but I can't wait to go tomorrow! :)

Pros: I'm glad I ate pretty well, especially after the morning's splurge, but I was ready for it :)

Cons: I should have eaten more, especially at night, but I wasn't hungry, so it's okay :)

August 1st

Aw! My first post in August and I wasn't here :( Oh well :)

Breakfast: Once again, I had 1/2 a plain bagel and 1 cup of coffee with creamer in it-so good :)

Snacks: We didn't eat lunch again, because we ate breakfast fairly late. But after the pool/hot tub/lazy river, I was hungry, so I had some dry-roasted peanuts and 1 Granola Thin-Dark Chocolate :)

Dinner: We went to Spring House, which I honestly wasn't very impressed with. I got the Virginia Baked Ham with Green Beans and Fried Okra, and it came with a corn muffin. The ham was eh, I couldn't eat the green beans because they tasted so bad, and the fried okra and corn muffin were pretty good. I also had a couple bites of the White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, which was good :)

Dessert: We got ice cream once again, and I decided to get the Orange Sherbet. It was amazing-probably VERY high in sugar, but a nice treat :)

Exercise: We took a walk along the beach for about an hour. We walked really slow, but it was around 4 miles that we went, and I was pleased :)

Pros: I got to see fireworks tonight-yayyy! :) I LOOOOVEEE fireworks! I'm also happy I still stayed pretty good to what I'm doing, even with my friends around. This shows that I can still be in control when I go back to school :)

Cons: I know I can eliminate some of the sugar in the food I eat daily, so I'll work on that :)

July 31st

Today was SO much fun! The three of us and Mollie's mom had TONS of fun, and I'm SO glad I was able to come up here for a couple of days :)

Breakfast: We had breakfast around 10:30, and I had 1/2 a plain bagel with 1 cup of coffee with some International Delight-White Chocolate Mocha creamer in it-so good :)

Snack: We went to Hot Diggity Diner for drinks and split an appetizer of Mozzerella Sticks, so we each had two. I got a Virgin Strawberry Pina Colada, which had SO MUCH sugar/syrup in it. I could barely drink 1/3 of it, but I counted it as 1/2.

Dinner: We went to Dick's Last Resort, which was SO SO SO fun! There were some CRAZY hats there! One lady's said "I make Casey Anthony look like a good mom" Thank goodness it's all in good fun! :) But I got the Southwestern Steak Salad, which was REALLY good :)

Dessert: We went to get ice cream, but I figured sherbet would be a MUCH better choice, so I got Raspberry Sherbet-SO good :)

Exercise: Again, not today, but when I get back, I'll definitely be working out a LOT :)

Pros: I'm glad I didn't get too crazy with my food, and I had fun at the beach, and doing stuff outside, just being active :)

Cons: I should have had more water, and could have left the dressings for the salad and whatnot on the side, but it's okay :)

July 30th

So, today was SO much fun! I got to see Mollie for the first time in almost three months, and I met her friend Amanda who was staying there for a few days longer after I left, so that was fun :)

Breakfast: I stayed overnight at my grandparent's house, so for breakfast, I had 2 shots of espresso with 3 Banana-Blueberry Pancakes (organic and vegan and everything), 2 small pieces of vegan sausage, and 2 tiny pieces of canteloupe, before I deemed myself stuffed :)

Snack: I had a Luna Bar-Chocolate Dipped Coconut while I was driving. Because I left their house around 1:30, I didn't have lunch, and I was stuffed anyways until dinner :)

Dinner: After I got to Mollie's beach house, we walked down to the beach, and talked for a while, and then came back, and headed to Hot Diggity Diner for dinner. I wasn't going to limit myself to nothing, I decided before my trip, but I wasn't going to go crazy, because, after all, I still want to lose weight :) So I had 4 grilled Chicken Tenders with a little bit of BBQ-Ranch sauce, 3 hushpuppies, a piece of cornbread, and 1.5 cups of Okra (probably less, but I'm overestimating to be safe) :) I also had water with it.

Exercise: I didn't count walking on the beach because I didn't feel it was actual working out. So, I'll just say I didn't workout today.

Pros: I'm glad I didn't get too off track when I was on vacation, and made sure to eat until I was full.

Cons: I should have had more water, and maybe could have made better food choices, but I'm fine with what I did :)

July 29th

So, I'm back and ready for these last three weeks! I had a GREAT vacation, filled with loads of driving, but even MORE laughs :) I can't wait to see Mollie again in a few weeks when we head back to school :) But now, onto the part y'all are waiting for-the usual :)

So, I had my weigh-in this morning, and I lost 4.5 pounds since Sunday, and I'm SO close to my next goal! Hopefully I go past it next week-I REALLY want the iPod armband :)


Coffee and Nutri-Grain Bar. Love this breakfast, but I need something slightly more filling :)


Okay, so I should probably explain this one :) So, I took the two kids I was babysitting to Chuck E Cheese's, and obviously I wasn't going to eat there, and so the first time I got food since breakfast was on my way to the beach. I went to Burger King and got a Whopper Jr. without Mayo. For only 260 calories, it was pretty good.


I didn't take pictures after this, but when I got to my grandparent's house (on the way to the beach), I had 1.5 cups of homemade Gazpacho soup, 1/4 cup homemade hummus, and 10 Falafel Chips and then 1/2 cup of homemade Mango sorbet. I wasn't sure how to put in calories or whatever for this, since my grandparents are really strict with food, and don't use anything that essentially doesn't grow in nature (except the chips I guess). Regardless, it was good :)

Exercise: I didn't do any today, just because I honestly had no time, with going on vacation and whatnot.

Pros: I'm glad I didn't eat too much, even with leaving for vacation and whatnot :) I'm also glad I didn't touch the pizza at Chuck E Cheese :)

Cons: I wish I drank more water, but I didn't want to keep stopping, and I should have eaten more throughout the day.